Use Fear as a Source of Motivation

Majority of us would like to live a successful lifestyle. Success is defined differently to each person. To some it means having a good job with a steady income, being able -to afford the luxuries of life or doing what you have to do to have peace of mind and live a peaceful life.

In order to achieve our personal goals that we hope would enable us to become successful, we usually go through or experience the path of self doubt or fear. This emotion can be crippling to our pursuit of excellence. We owe it to ourselves to learn how to manage our emotions and inner thoughts to overcome fear or learn to use fear as a form of motivation to achieve our goals.

Listed Below are points to consider to help you use fear as a source of a Motivation;


Self Belief

To have a strong sense of self belief is probably the first step in dealing with fear. Personal development is important to the progress of each individual. No one but you can control your life and achieve the dreams that you have for it, the way you deem fit. To successfully do this, you would need to belief in yourself and work on having a good dose of confidence within you.


Positive Mindset/Words/Outlook

I don’t know about you all but I believe having a positive mindset or a positive outlook on life is the cure to most of the issues we go through in life. When we nurture the attitude of speaking positive words to ourselves constantly and having a positive outlook on life it helps to minimize any limiting thoughts or self doubt we had and increases our confidence to go forth and work on our ideas/goals.


Care More About Those Who Support You Than Those Who Doubt You

Sometimes we do things to please ourselves and we also do things to have a positive impact on others. People would always have an opinion. In order to minimize your fear from having a limiting effect on you, you need to care more about those who care and support you than those who doubt and criticise you. Nevertheless, we may listen to the opinion of the doubter to learn something new or take down a few beneficial points but the main concern and focus should be to work to impress the people who truly care and support you. We cannot all like the same flavours or our foods spiced the same way. Work on pleasing your supporters or target customers.


Be Result – Oriented

Being result oriented and accountable is a way to use fear as a source of motivation. If you are scared or unsure of doing an activity which would help you achieve a goal, you could tell a mentor who would hold you accountable or assign a reward or penalty to the task. In order not to disappoint your mentor, lose the reward or penalty assigned, you may be forced to face your fears and complete the important task/activity that would help you achieve the goal you had set out for yourself. Be focused on attaining a good result than on the fear of going through an uncertain process.




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