Lessons Learnt from the Finalist – Big Brother Nigeria (BBNaija) Season 2


As some of us would know, the popular reality show Big Brother Nigeria (Naija) came to an end on 9 April, 2017. It was an interesting season and probably the one with the most impact since the franchise started. In this article, we would be talking about some of the lessons learnt from the extraordinary characters of the 5 finalist. The lessons are:


Efe – Be persistent in whatever you set out to achieve in life.

No matter the difficulties you may face or have to put up with in life, if you are persistent with a strong belief/prayerful (for the religious). You can achieve whatever you want in life. As we all know, Efe was one of the house mates who were constantly being nominated for possible eviction. In order to increase his chances of survival he always worked hard in the tasks given and tried his best to win the head of house title games in order to increase his chances in the game.  If you are familiar with the reality show, whoever wins the head of house games is immune from eviction amongst other benefits.


He eventually survived and emerged the winner of the current season of the BBNaija show.


Bisola – Your talents can take you places.

Bisola was a lady of many talents. She could act, sing, dance a little and was eloquent with her words. She was perceived as a ‘bully’ by some of the viewers amongst other qualities but withstanding her shenanigans in the house, her talents and entertaining persona always had a way of winning back favours for her amongst the viewers. A good personality would take you farther with your talent. Nevertheless, each person should try to realize their talents, be it in the academic or non-academic sector, harness it and pursue your goals. Your talents would open doors for you in life.

Bisola emerged the 1st runner up of the BBNaija show.


TBoss – Dare to be Different.

Tboss, a lady who was true to herself/persona. The issue? Her persona was not what the average viewer wanted to see. She was a lady who I found to be humble but was unapologetic about whom she is. She was slow to socialize, a clean freak who always felt uncomfortable in an unclean environment and always ready to express her dis pleasure or speak her mind to the house mates who offend her. She was one who apparently came from a comfortable background and didn’t try to pretend to be poor therefore came off as a bit arrogant. Also a favourite to be constantly nominated for possible eviction on the show, TBoss was an enigma to both the house mates and the viewers.

Nevertheless she represented a lot of people who had similar personalities, found themselves being wrongly judged and just dared to be different to the norm of the society. With just being true to herself and withstanding the difficulties faced she was able to garner support amongst some viewers that enabled her become a finalist on the show.

The lesson in this is that in life be true to who you are. Not everyone would accept you and that is fine but there would be people who would love you and fight for you just the way you are. Life is not a single story.

Tboss became the second runner up of the BBNaija show.

Rise – Humility together with talent pays. Be fearless in the Pursuit of your dreams

A lady who was humble and talented, She was slow to anger, entertained the viewers with her music and had good relationships with most of the house mates. She was one house mate who was also constantly being nominated for eviction but then she represented humility and talent.When you are a humble personality, you would intend to get favours such as votes for being admirable.
Debie-Rise also made it known while in the game show that she had run away from home to pursue her dreams. This is because she had big dreams and believed she could be so much more, she believed the big brother platform was a huge one she could utilise and pursuit and her family did not agree with her as tehy did not believe in the principles of the Big Brother Naija show. Her only option at the time was to  be fearless and go for what she wants.

Debie – rise was lovely and she eventually emerged as the third runner up of the BBNaija show.


Marvis – The right association can take you places in life.

Marvis was a special kind of housemate. She was the housemate who most people liked but knew she didn’t really contribute much to the dynamics of the show but somehow she managed to become a finalist. Something some of the evicted housemates with more potential would have loved to do. She was a love interest and a good frien d of the winner (Efe) and a close friend of the second runner up (Bisola). Efe and Bisola were the top two favourites amongst the viewers, therefore by association, marvis was able to get some of that goodwill through votes to get the finals but at the final stage, the viewers had to give their votes to their true favourite housemate which eventually led to Marvis being evicted as the fourth runner up of the show. This situation shows how your network could be beneficial to get you to where you want withstanding having or not having the necessary talent. It is also an illustration of the statement ‘ your network is your networth’.

Marvis is the fourth runner up of the BBNaija show

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