The Power of Looking Good

What does it mean to look good? this is the question that wanders my mind. The term ‘Looking Good’ as we all know can be a subjective one, what may look good to one may not be the same to another. When it comes to fashion, Some people love the skimpy outfits while some don’t, some love the sporty look, the laid back style while others love the high fashion. I believe you get the point and where I am coming from.

To me I would say ‘looking good’ in the world today Interprets as having a good representation of yourself through your outfit and being well put together. There is also the familiar quote that says “ dress the way you want to be addressed”. So it all depends on what it is you want out of life and a situation. People are attracted to your outward appearance. The way you look outwardly and how you carry yourself speaks volume, so dress for the occasion.

If you are going for a job interview, not only should you be familiar with the job you applied for but also dress appropriately to impress. If you are a woman trying to hook up with the cute guy that likes the glamorous ladies, well dress to Impress; If you are an escort looking for a client, dress to impress; if you are a lady amongst a group of CEO’s, dress to impress; If you are a guy trying to win the lady you like, well dress to Impress. The main idea is whatever situation you are going to find yourself in, dress to Impress whoever you are going to come in contact with.

Now some may see this as being not really necessary and they would just do ‘them’. I would say you have a point, its best to be comfortable doing you but please do try your best to make an effort. A good example for this situation would be the relevance and current wave of beauty and fashion bloggers. No one knows how long this is going to be a trend. Is it actually just a trend or has it  come to stay?

Who would have thought that dressing up in clothes, looking good, taking pictures and then uploading it on the internet mostly on the social sites and personal blogs would generate such an interest from people all over the world. Well it has and in the process, the ‘fashionistas’ are making good money and living through it. This is just a glimpse of the idea of how looking good can be powerful and be of good use.

In the world today, while being intelligent, having business acumen or any other relevant life skill needed to succeed in life is very important, I have to admit there is also some POWER IN LOOKING GOOD. So dress up, show up and do your thing!




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